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 What is HPT?

HPT Basics - Recording

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The POWER of Now ~ New Beginnings

Recording of entire session for
Special Price $18.95 (limited time)
Value $49.95

Following the meditation are 2
powerful HPT sessions.
Are you ready to move forward in life?

What people are saying about the meditation and healing session!
"Hello Dakara, Namaste!!!! I really, really enjoyed last night's HPT
group call, and I expanded with you and I prayed for everyone
and with everyone on our call!!
You have to know that your singing, or calling-out to God touches a
higher vibration and that it really touched my heart chakra, that's why
some of us feel your effects more with the comforting, healing touch in
our hearts, than in any other area.
I slept like a baby and awoke refreshed, renewed, less pain in my hands,
no pain in my feet and very grateful to be alive!!!!"
Linda, FL
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A day of powerful shifting energy.
I took those present on the call though
a guided meditation. Releasing the past
and then on a magical journey to the
bottom of the ocean to stand witness to
the Crystalline Portal opening. The
Whales and Dolphins spinning their
powerful energy. Connect with
your soul family and bask in the
blessed energy of NEW Beginnings.
Returning to the lush ancient forest to
connect with the nature realm and
then on to activating the new energy
into your DNA.

A Powerful HPT session follows the
meditation, clearing core issues around
money and what is holding you back
in life!

Are you ready to step into
your new life?

What people are saying about the meditation and healing session!

DaKara, "I want to tell you how much I loved the 10-10-10 Mediation and HPT session! The meditation was truly
"heaven on earth"; the richness of including so many of the tactile senses made it easy to be in the moment.
Being a part of the crystal activation on the ocean floor was very powerful - I could feel the importance and
excitement of this event. I felt the unity and love of being with my soul family.
I didn't want to leave, yet found the HPT session afterwards to be enhanced thru the energy of the meditation,
making the issues ready to release very clear. This is a meditation I will listen to again and again for the beauty,
benefits and energy of it!"

Pam Rennie, HPT Certified Energy Healer


"Hi DaKara - That was a beautiful meditation last night. I stayed in my
chair for a while after the call ended and after a few minutes
it felt like things were lifting off me. It was wonderful. Thank you!"
Love, Light and Abundance
Lorraine H.


"Hello Dakara, I saw the colors change and the flying angels and knew
that I desired a pink ray of light all in advance within a few seconds,
you are amazing.
I was most comfortable with the warmth and
vibrations on my heart chakra and still feel the peace in my heart
and especially the warmth!!!

Be blessed may all the arch angels keep your in perfect
peace and grace."
Love, Anonymous


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