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 What is HPT?

HPT Basics - Recording

In the mean time, if you
are feeling you need
support during these
changing times,
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HPT Healing.com
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Group Coaching & Healing Session
Clearing for DEEPER Clarity

What fears are secretly sabotaging you?
Are you ready to release the FEAR?
FEAR holds us back on so many levels!

Bless your self by stepping up to met and release
the fears and blocks!

YOU deserve it!

3 - 90 minute calls

Savings of $321.00
$450.00 value

New and wonderful ways of using HPT are shared
on these recordings.

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your life?

Ready to anchor into your passion
and purpose in life?

What's holding you back?
Clearing FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Are your Ancestors holding you back?

Clear your path for your next step!
Move forward with a clear heart, mind and soul!

Feel the support of the group and Divine Mother as we delve
deep with to shift the parts of you that are holding you back.


What others are saying...

"Hi Dakara,
I would like to share that I experienced deep shifts during my participation
in your group sessions: Clearing for deeper clarity. My shifts showed up in
the way of profound compassion and understanding in two of my primary
relationships. I am grateful for your guidance, grace and ability to create
a safe, healing environment to allow people to move more deeply into
their own knowing!"

Thank you, Stacey Witt
A Moment of Grace


Thank you so much for your teleclasses you held in March and April
2011 Clearing for DEEPER Clarity. Through the classes I know and feel
better about not pleasing everyone. The only ones that I have to please are
myself and my partner. I have more clarity about who I must please.
Thank you so much you have a great talent and gift. I would recommend
your group or individual sessions to anyone. I have grown so much from
just taking you classes. Thanks again."
Kam Myers


"Hello Dakara...
I am feeling really good today - Thank you! I am more able to stand my
ground and have moved out of a place of fear since the group HPT coaching calls...
Thank you so much DaKara - I have benefited from your healing work more
than I can say. You provide such comfort for me and I look forward to
attending more events."
Tina - Chicago, IL

"hi Dakara,
I really enjoyed learning some of the HPT, it's amazing what spirit leads
us too. Thank you for allowing me to participate, and welcoming me.

I know I will benefit from the knowledge gained from the classes.
You did a great service of helping us, or me to understand the process,
and utilize it as another tool for healing and my personal growth.
Thank you again.

I just won a free dvd and book and session with the author, and it's all
about relationship stuff. I was quite surprised, and grateful.
The universe is opening doors and I'm walking through them.

Everything is at an accelerated pace and beautifully unfolding in my life
and I believe in the lives of all people who walk in spirit and seek to serve with love.
lulu Crescent City, CA


To learn more about Dakara, her work and
services please visit DaKara.com
Holistic Products for Health
(and so much more)

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