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 What is HPT?

HPT Basics - Recording

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HPT Basics

Listen to a 22 min recording for HPT Basics
Bless and activate the HPT Points

HPT is a spiritual healing practice using
Incorruptible Divine Light that clears the old
stories in your heart and multiple levels of your being.

Blessing the HPT Points and Self

Put attention and reach up and tickle the
High Self Point with your hand.

SAY out loud – I bless my high self point, I
acknowledge and give permission for this point
to be open to receive.  Activate now.


Take a deep breath


Place hand on Crown of head

SAY out loud -  I acknowledge and bless my crown
chakra, my corpus callosum, my pineal and
hypothalamus glands. I give permission for my
crown to be open to receive.  Activate now.


Take a deep breath


Place your hand over your eyes

SAY out loud – I acknowledge and bless my 3rd
eye and all the eye points and I give permission to
 my eye points to be open to receive.  Activate now.


Take a deep breath


Place your hand on your throat chakra

SAY out loud – I acknowledge and bless my throat
chakra and I give permission for my throat to be open
to receive.  Activate now.


Take a deep breath


Place hand over heart

SAY out loud I acknowledge and bless my  heart.
I give permission for my heart to be open to receive. 
Activate now.


Take a deep breath


Place hand on Consolidation Point
(back of head where head and spine connect)

SAY out loud – I acknowledge and bless my
Consolidation Point and I give permission fo
r my consolidation point to be open to receive. 
Activate now.


Take a deep breath


Hold hand or hands over heart and repeat after me
(out loud)

I bless myself

I accept myself

I bless myself even when I make mistakes

I bless myself when I have failed.

I bless myself when I am critical of myself and others

I bless myself for having the courage to show up
in this incarnation

I bless myself

and so it is...


HPT Basic Protocol

After activating the HPT points and bringing in the energy…

Set aside some quite time to give this healing your full
attention. You are important on this planet. Giving to yourself
first fills your cup to be present and able to give to others.

Think of something in your life you would like
guidance or healing for.  

For example, let’s say you want some guidance with a
relationship issue.  What is a recurring pattern around
relationships in your life?  Jot that down.

HOLD the HPT pose.  Hands over the eyes and over the heart.

1. Call forth the light of illumination, the light of revelation
into your higher self point and intend for the light to move
into your crown chakra, through the eye points, down through
your throat chakra and into the deepest wisdom of your heart.
Chant An Nur (the light) or another phrase that you resonate
with several times.

2. Ask, what is the story that is affecting me today, around
this relationship issue?  Or, What story am I telling myself
about relationships?  Or, What energy is holding me back
around the energy of relationships?  Think of the patterns that
have been showing up in your life around or in relationships.
Jot those down.

3. Ask the light in your heart to spotlight the area in your body
that is holding this story/energy. Watch where you see the light
shining,  or where you feel discomfort in your body.  Tune into
how intense the emotions or energy feels around this
energy or story.  

Give this an intensity rating.  Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. 
1 being low and hardly any energy, 10 being high and intense,
like you want to crawl out of your skin.
(well that could be a 10 plus.)

Make a note of the intensity rating. If you asked multiple
questions, rate each one.

4. Acknowledge the energy you are feeling.  Hold the
energy up to the light for healing.  Ask the light to bring you
the energy of mercy, compassion and love.  Release any blame
into the light.  Ask for the energy of Diving Forgiveness to
radiate through that area in your body.  Send Divine Forgiveness
to all involved.  Continue to send light from your heart center
until you feel a shift. Chant An Nur 7 to 27 times to amplify
the light energy.

5. Tune back in - think of the person or persons in the
relationship that you felt challenged with.  How are you
feeling differently about them or the situation?
Does the energy feel softer?

6. Ask for a new story or the energy needed to bring balance,
peace, love, happiness and the energy of joy into this
relationship(s).  Call those energies forth to your high self
point and then chant them down into your crown, eye points,
throat and heart. Allow the light to move out into the areas of
your body that need the healing.

7.  What is the rating now on the scale of 1-10? If it is
above a 1 or 2, go to step six or if still really intense go
back to step 1 and move through the steps again.

8.  Move into a place of really feeling this joy, happiness
and peace in your heart. Choose a keyword or phrase that
expresses your new story.
Tap the consolidation point
(Nape of neck)
to incorporate this into your being.

Example:  Loving people surround me. I feel loved and
supported in my relationships.  I attract relationships
that are fulfilling and loving.

9. Re-check your intensity rating and see where you are and
if you need to do more work go back to step 1.

There are many more applications of HPT,  this short tutorial
will give you enough info to feel a shift. This basic protocol
will also assist you in listening to any of the recordings.
This is NOT meant to be a complete tutorial.  
Just a starting point to assist you in moving some energy.

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