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HPT Basics - Recording

In the mean time, if you
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support during these
changing times,
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Clearing for Clarity
Are you feeling stuck, not sure what your next step is?
You are not alone!

Are you ready to step into a place of clarity?
Does the world feel like she has
turned on her side?

What fears are secretly sabotaging you?
Are you ready to release the FEAR?
FEAR holds us back on so many levels!

This class will assist you in releasing Fears, blocks
and energy that is keeping you stuck, so you
can clearly see your next step!

Also an energetic blessing to inspire
you into action!

With Uranus the Planet of Change moving into Aries
(Cardinal Fire- Action, Aggression) on March 11, 2011
Prepare yourself for riding the wave of the shifts
and changes happening on our beloved Mother Earth!
What is your role in the new paradigm?

May this recording propel you
into your new future with ease,
grace, peace and love!

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Group Coaching & Healing Session
Clearing for DEEPER Clarity

3 - 90 minute calls
Recordings Now Available!

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