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 What is HPT?

HPT Basics - Recording

In the mean time, if you
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What is Heart Point Technique (HPT)?

HPT is a transformational spiritual tool like
no other I have used in the past 20 plus years
of healing work. Rebecca A. Messenger
is the creator of HPT. She is a wonderful Spiritual
Teacher, Mentor and Energy Healer.

I have been attending her classes and
training since about 2005.

HPT is a simple yet extremely powerful tool
to heal at the heart and soul level.

HPT is a spiritual practice using Incorruptible Divine
Light that clears the old stories in your heart and
multiple levels of your being.

You'll learn this wonderful simple process so
you can use this as a tool for improving your life!

Imagine creating your hearts desire by simply
using Heart Point Technique (HPT) to clear
out the old stories with Incorruptible Divine
Light and allow the new story of your hearts
desire to unfold!


To learn more about Dakara, her work and
services please visit DaKara.com
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